The appearance of a book has a huge impact on its appeal to consumers. Book cover and interior page design is both an art and a science. We put our marketing saavy to work for your book cover. Our designs fit the aesthetic standards the potential reader expects. Below is a sample of our recent work. Click on any image to view the design of the interior page. You may also view all designs as a slideshow by clicking on any book cover image.

Poetry for Life
My Time at Bat
Mandated to Live Holy
Unwalled Poetry
Faith is Life
A Time to Heal
Birthing Pains
Then and Now
Then and Now - Part II
Competing Realities
Power Principles
A Solid Foundation
Looking Beyond What You See
Programmed for Failure... but God
That Star Spangled Banner
My Uncle Says I'm a Star
Stephanie Starks
The Corner of Rainbow
Legacy of a Common Man
Ben Holt
Poems from the Heart
Behold, He Cometh!
Brain Storm
Ministry Protocol
Knowing Who We Are in Christ
God, the Holy Spirit
Now You Know
Just James
Looking Beyond What You See
My Journey to "Yes"
The Early Years of Evangel
Adam, Take Your Position
The Right Place at the Right Time
Eve, Get In Your Place
Overcoming Obstacles
A Woman's Guide to Setting Boundaries
I Like to Start with Something Funny
Better than Yesterday
The Rollercoaster to Freedom
Por Extrano Que Parezca - Asi Sucedio
She's Vocal/He's Instrumental
The Covenant God Made
When Faith Becomes Glory
The Prophetic Power of the Hour
Sex and the Church
From the Holy Spirit
Another Type of Soldier
The Elisha Principle
Spirit Inspired Poetry
Walking with God
Free to Live Again
My Journey to Freedom
The Gift of Love
The Journey to Canaan
Arresting the Arrester
Starting Over
The Feet of a Princess